Please consider -
Because tomorrow may be too late !

My dear soul,

Today if this page is before you, you have to be certain that our Holy God has brought it close to you for one reason. And this reason is none other, than to remind you the following simple but also most important truths about your eternal spiritual benefits.

1. THAT GOD EXISTS as ruler of the universe. The clearest and best example of this, is our very existence which is the crown of his creation. Which ever member of your body you look at you will see the same living God. (Because for example, your eye has 10,000 organs so it can see, your ear has 11,000 cords so it can hear sounds, and your legs just like your hands are even). But also the whole firmament is one of the clearest examples of his existence, and never forget that you live on a star in resemblance with the other stars which you see at night. In continuation you are not travelling in the infinite.
2. THAT DEATH EXISTS. The most living and certain example of this, is the cemeteries in your city. Don't listen to Satan who very convincingly attempts to make you believe that your body will be eternal on earth. Because one day the beauty of your body, your youth, your wealth, your glory and your status will melt away like a candle. He does this so that he can throw you into sin and then into eternal darkness. Look all around you and think. How many of your acquaintances and relatives which you conversed, walked and together ate with don't exist on the earth anymore ? Tell me, don't these teach you the truth in regards to the hymn of our Church [We came and saw of the tombs, that naked remains of a person, worms, filth and foul-smelling].
Don't forget that it is an official statistic in the world that every minute 88 people, every hour 5,000, every day 127,000 and every year 46 million, approximately die. Therefore from this fact you can conclude that for the writer, the reader and for all of us death awaits us with 100% certainty.
3. THAT THERE EXISTS AN ETERNAL SOUL. For which the Lord was "beaten", "whipped", "spat on" and "humiliated", finally he was crucified and said concerning it: "What benefit has a person if they gain the whole world and lose their own soul ?" Because the soul only remains after death and departs for the heavens, where as the Lord says: "In the heavenly houses of my Father, there are many places of residence, enough to accept you and all the faithful".
4. THAT FOR THE SALVATION OF THE SOUL the following is needed:

a. An honest repentance.

b. Holy and Sacred Confession.

c. Holy Communion and to apply in our lives the golden commandment of our Lord who commands us: "Whatever you would like other people to do to you, that you should do also to them". Be careful at this moment about the deceiving devil, who wants to persuade us that because our sins are many and great, there isn't a hope for our salvation. What great lies and deception !

I remind you that our Lord Jesus Christ is an affectionate shepherd who loves you deeply. It is for you that HE spilt HIS divine blood on the cross so that you may live in happiness not one hundred years, but billions eternally. And so don't ever forget however MANY and however GREAT our sins are, the Lord forgives ALL OF THEM, just as he forgave the Harlot, the Tax Collector, the Murderer and the Prodigal, because he is a Father who is compassionate and loving. As long as tears run from our eyes and he hears a sincere and deep "I have sinned Lord.... against heaven and in your sight....", because he proclaimed: "Come to me all of you who are tired and burdened from the depths of sin and affliction and I will comfort you". For whatever I have told you, has been only from deep love and fear that you won't be lost eternally. Not so that I may deprive you of happiness, but the opposite, that I may help you to acquire the TRUE HAPPINESS which is found in the salvation of your soul. So tell me what are you thinking ? Don't you agree ? Are you silent? Crying ? Think and act. Look, now is the appropriate time for you to repent, to confess, to receive Holy Communion. Yes now, because maybe tomorrow will be too late. What a pity for you to be lost eternally. Before I finish I would like to ask you honestly a favour. To write with burning letters in your heart the following words which our Lord Jesus Christ once said and for you to never forget them. "What does it benefit someone if the whole world he gains, and the person should suffer loss? Or what can a person give in exchange for his own soul?" In conclusion: PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR SALVATION, BECAUSE TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE ! .

Father N.M.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia,
St Catherines Greek Orthodox Church,
Mascot, New South Wales

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