Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Central Bookstore

A major and positive measure for the systematic dissemination of the written word of God, was the establishment, in January 1980, of the Central Bookstore of our Holy Archdiocese.

The Central Bookstore, following its foundation by the Archdiocesan financial controller, Mr. Spiros Psomas, complemented and fulfilled previous efforts to promote Orthodox materials embarked upon by the Christian Enosis of Sydney in 1955 and later by the Parish of St George, Sydney, with remarkable dedication and missionary zeal.

Today the Central Bookstore, which operates branches in Melbourne and Adelaide also, provides our parishes and communities throughout Australia with books from all the major publishing houses of Greece as a work of love and enlightenment amongst the people of God.

The wide range of Orthodox books and pamphlets in English from the major western centres of Orthodoxy has had a distinct pastoral impact on our young people who are thirsting for information, in their most fluent language, English, on essential issues which have a bearing on their experience of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church.

Clergy and laity now look to the Central Bookstore as a source of spiritual nourishment not only by way of books but also by the availability of other items of Orthodox piety such as icons, incense, oil lamps, hand censers, woven Prayer ropes and anything else required by a vibrant Christian home.

Also, the vast selection of Ecclesiastical items on stock furnishes our sacred churches with every liturgical requirement - from priests' crosses to baptismal fonts, chandeliers and wood-carved altar screens.

Schools, libraries, churches, families, individuals, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, adults and children can now avail themselves of the missionary outreach of the Central Bookstore with literature in English and Greek on issues relating to:

Postal Address:

242 Cleveland Street, REDFERN, SYDNEY, N.S.W. 2016, AUSTRALIA


61 2 9698 5066 (international) - (02) 9698 5066 (within Australia)


61 2 9698 5368 (international) - (02) 9698 5368 (within Australia)

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