Ochrid Prologue

by Bishop Nikolay Velimirovic
"We should move away from evil and do good deeds" (Ps 33:14).

With these words we are told where all of our efforts should go while on this earth and in this earthly body. To what aim should our efforts reach then: To develop the two habits - moving away from evil, and the other, doing good deeds. About what is good and what is evil, our conscience reveals to us, but not quite clearly and completely because it is darkened by sin. Christ's teaching tells us completely and clearly.

What is the Lord asking of us, brothers? He is asking that, just as our altars are turned towards the East, so should our hearts and souls be turned towards good. That we should leave evil behind our backs in the darkness of shadow, in forgotten deep blackness of our mind, in unremembered past, while we should from year to year, from day to day, extend ourselves towards good; to think about good, to wish and pine for good, to talk of good, to do good. The Lord is asking for builders, not wreckers, because he who builds goodness, automatically destroys evil. However, he who turns to destroy evil, quickly forgets to build goodness and soon becomes an evil-doer.

"Hate what is evil and hold onto what is good" (Rom 12:9).

Christ's apostle tells us. Hate what is evil, but do not hate the man who does evil, because he is sick. If you can, treat the sick man, but do not destroy him with your hate. Hold onto what is good and only to what is good, because goodness is from God, because He is the treasury of all goodness.

O good, and all-good Lord, teach us to move away from evil and to do good for the sake of Your glory and for the sake of our salvation. Glory and thanks to You forever.


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